BoostRank SEO Tune Up

BoostRank SEO Tune Up

A One-Time Optimization Sweep for Maximum Organic Visibility without an on-going contract.

BoostRank SEO Tune Up is designed for businesses and websites that know their online presence is in need of professional Search Engine Optimization services, but are not ready to commit to a monthly contract or may not yet have the budget for ongoing SEO strategies. We lay a clean, high quality foundation for your website, allowing you to focus on building your business and growing your audience.

Our SEO Tune Up approach is transparent, clean, and simple. We never perform any SEO tactics that could harm your business, and we only engage in white-hat, high quality, sustainable optimization techniques and marketing strategies.  The goal of BoostRank SEO Tune Up is to analyze, correct, and optimize the technical and on page aspects of web presence that may be holding your business back online.


BoostRank SEO Tune Up focuses on 4 Main Areas of SEO


On Page

BoostRank SEO Tune Up will provide your business with valuable keyword research and implement keywords on your websites pages for maximum visibility.

Off Page

BoostRank SEO Tune Up sets up the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization that affect your website’s organic rankings, repairs broken links and URL structures, and installs in depth analytics dashboards.

Social Media

BoostRank SEO Tune Up optimizes the 5 most important social media channels for your business, which are critical for search engine visibility.

Local SEO

BoostRank SEO Tune Up creates and optimizes your business’s local presence on Google, Bing, Yelp, and 2 other local listings to improve your visibility for map and mobile searches.

Our cost effective, one-time optimization sweep is ideal for:


Small Businesses

Landing Page and App Websites

Websites that are not yet generating revenue



There is no quick “set it and forget it” approach to healthy, sustainable SEO.


While SEO must be a long-term, ongoing strategy that improves organic visibility over time, many businesses cannot yet commit to full blown SEO strategy contract or dedicate a full time resource to improving online presence. BoostRank SEO Tune Up optimizes the 4 high-level areas of SEO that affect your web presence the most. Our no-contract SEO Tune Up is a cost effective way to lay a strong, optimized foundation for your business’s online presence, driving more organic traffic to your website than ever before!

What's Included?

The BoostRank SEO Tune Up includes:

On Page Optimization

  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • URL Error and Structure Clean Up
  • Meta and On Page Content Optimizations
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics Implemented

Off Page Optimizations

  • Tracking + Analytics Configuration
  • Full Link Profile Evaluation
  • Sitemap and Technical File Creation
  • Search Engine Specific Webmaster Tools Configuration
  • Site Speed and Mobile-Friendly Optimizations

Local SEO Optimizations

  • Google My Business/Google Map Claim + Optimize
  • Bing for Business/Bing Map Claim + Optimize
  • Yelp for Business Claim + Optimize
  • 2 other local listing optimizations

Social Media Optimization

  • Facebook Business Page Creation/Optimization
  • Twitter Business Account Creation/Optimization
  • LinkedIn Business Page Creation/Optimization
  • Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram Optimization
  • OpenGraph markup

What's NOT Included?

BoostRank SEO Tune Up is NOT a long term SEO Contract


BoostRank SEO Tune Up is a one-time optimization sweep that is meant to set a strong SEO foundation for a business’s online visibility. Our SEO Tune Up is a cost effective, no-contract way to ensure that your website put its very best foot forward as you continue to build up your customer base, social reach, and revenue.


BoostRank SEO Package does not include:

  • Blog Content Writing
  • New Landing Page Creation
  • On Going Social Media Management
  • Hosting and Database Management
  • IT and Troubleshooting Support
  • On Going Marketing Strategy
  • Complete Local Listing Optimization
  • On Going Profile and Link Building Tactics


If complete, ongoing SEO services is what your business needs, GREENcell Interactive has you covered! Contact us today for an SEO strategy and services quote!

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